Tell us your thoughts: Congressional election and political questions

Editorial Board

The Page would like to know your personal opinion on current events and the congressional election. Comment below with your responses. 

Congressional Election

What are your feelings on the upcoming November election?

What do you think the outcome will be?

What are your thoughts on the rise of women running for office in the Democratic Party?


Congressional Election

Scott Taylor (Republican) vs. Elaine Luria (Democrat)

What makes either candidate qualified for the job? Why should you vote for him/her?

Opinion on Scott Taylor’s alleged election fraud?


Current Events

How do you feel about tax cuts for the upper class? What are the implications?

Do you want to have the wall built at the Mexican border?

What do you think of the Trump/Russia probe investigation?

What do you think about our immigration policy?

What’s your stance on climate change? Can/should anything be done about it?

Now that Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, how do you feel about future Supreme Court cases?

Should there be a cap on Supreme Court’s justices terms?

Should the president be allowed to be tried in office?

Should Trump show us his tax returns?


Gun Control

Should the federal government pass more restrictive gun control legislation?

Should there be an assault rifle ban?

What is your opinion on the electoral college?



What are your opinions on President Trump?