2020 Presidential candidates

Will McCracken, Staff Writer

By Will McCracken

As America’s campaign season creeps earlier and earlier each election cycle, the campaigning has already begun!  As Trump’s first term has reached the halfway mark, the next round of elections is just around the corner. With this being the case, contenders have begun lining up to challenge the current president in the 2020 Election.

The Celebrities-

It’s important to note that while none of these celebrities has announced a run for the 2020 election, they have all been seen as potential candidates. Dwayne Johnson and Kanye West have both considered a presidential run. Oprah, however, has denied the possibility of a presidential run despite many supporters who would like to see her in the Oval Office. And many people feel Tom Hanks would be America’s perfect “every man.”

Kanye-Kanye West has recently become one of the most polarizing figures in the media. The Yeezy creator has been an on-again-off-again Donald Trump supporter over the past few years a practice which has served to enrage or delight people depending on which side of the political coin they have placed themselves. Despite previously announced at the 2015 Video Music Awards that he would run in 2020, West has suspended his run until 2024.

Oprah-Who doesn’t love Oprah? Oprah is unarguably one of the most famous people on the planet, but if you are one of the rare people who doesn’t know who she is, it’s almost a guarantee that your mom has watched her show. A successful businesswoman, media mogul, and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey has risen to unparalleled success despite her humble beginnings being raised by a single mother in Mississippi. It appears the only thing that could make her résumé more impressive would be the title “Madame President.” And who wouldn’t to randomly win a free trip to Australia?

The Rock-Defender of all things good in this world, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson” has mentioned a possible run for the presidency, though he has revealed he does not feel ready yet. Despite being an outsider to conventional politics, Johnson has filled many roles as an actor including, CIA Agent, soldier, and criminal. All of these occupations have been filled by previous presidents, so I have no doubt Dwayne Johnson would be able to make these jobs translate. Right? Johnson would take our country from a small pebble to a mighty boulder.

The Elderly-

As of now, the only AARP-eligible candidate officially in the race is Elizabeth Warren, though I predict others will soon follow. Massachusetts Senator Warren is bringing her vibrant youthful spirit to the campaign trail in preparation for the upcoming election. Warren, like others on this list, has been previously attacked by Donald Trump. Trump referred to Warren as Pocahontas, attacking Warren’s claim that she has Native American heritage.  Warren reluctantly took a DNA test after facing criticism and revealed she is–drum roll–between 1/32 and 1/500 Native American.

Joe Biden- Former Vice President Joe Biden served for eight years in the White House. Though we aren’t really sure what Uncle Joe was doing during his time in D.C. most people, including myself, assume he did fine. Other than his time in the White House, Joe Biden was a senator. Despite being born in Pennsylvania, Biden eventually moved to Delaware (wherever that is), where he became the youngest person to ever be elected to the Senate at the fresh age of 29. Polls show him clearly out front of the rest of the pack.

Bernie Sanders-The village elder to the optimistic, greatly indebted, millennial socialists of America. In 2015 Sanders burst into the public consciousness as a potential presidential candidate, where he also loved to be one of the few candidates who could lose to Hillary Clinton. Sanders holds the title as the longest-serving Independent in congressional history. He is also notable for describing himself as a Democratic Socialist.

New Kids on the Block

This category effectively serves as my other section. New kids on the block represent the candidates who haven’t been on this kind of stage before. These candidates offer new ideas, different experiences, and a reasonable amount of hope.

Kamala Harris-Former San Francisco District Attorney, Attorney General for the state of California,  and current California Senator, Kamala Harris has announced a 2020 presidential run. During her time as Attorney General, she combatted transnational gangs and human trafficking. More recently, Harris was seen challenging frat boy-turned-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Tulsi Gabbard-Gabbard serves as Congresswoman of the 2nd District in Hawaii. Previous to her term in Congress, Gabbard was a member of the Hawaii National Guard, where she served in the Middle East. Gabbard emerged as a progressive candidate with a critical view of America’s wars in the Middle East. When Gabbard isn’t protecting our country or voting on bills, you can catch her in the waves, shredding the gnar on the Hawaiian coast.

Howard Schultz-Former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz has recently toyed with the idea of launching a presidential campaign, but as an independent, scaring Democrats who fear he might split the Democrat vote as Ralph Nader did in the the W-Gore election. Schultz impressively took control of Starbucks when it was only 11 stores, and launched the brand into the cultural giant that they are today. Having lived in a Brooklyn Housing Project in his youth, Schultz is truly a self-made man, unlike the “small loan of million dollars” breed of self-made that has also recently been seen in American politics. And he knows coffee!!

Beto O’Rourke-Despite losing his Senate bid in Texas, many people are attracted to his boyish good looks and willingness to go right at Trump, particularly on Mexico border issues. Too young? Too untested? We’ll see.

As you can see, the Democratic Primary is already loaded with many eager candidates, and it is likely that more people will soon join the race. The stakes for this are super high. The winner of the Democratic primary will have a shot to be the next ultra-rich politician to lead our country.