Virtual clubs

Delaney Brenner, Staff Writer

By Delaney Brenner

Junior Madeleine Walters has high hopes for the PA Women’s Rights Club she founded last year despite all the uncertainty surrounding the current situation. The club is focused on “improving the quality of life for women in our community” through “donating period products, fundraising, and education.”

Walters believes that although the current pandemic may affect the club’s ability to fundraise, the club should still be able to provide products and services to the community while following all social distancing guidelines. Walters acknowledges that having school online will make club participation harder, but Zoom meetings will be used to share information and allow for students to stay involved and make a difference in their community.

Other clubs are facing a similar struggle: how to keep clubs fun and engaging virtually.
Senior Earth Club president Kayla MacPherson says that connecting with the student body is “extremely important to us” but does expect the pandemic and virtual meetings to affect how the club is run. Earth Club is “built around service” usually performed at Princess Anne or in the community. Although students cannot participate in activities at the school, MacPherson hopes that Zoom meetings once a month will help members stay connected, educated, and inspired by providing ways to stay eco-conscious, and ideas for actions that can be done from home. Even though this year will look different from any other years in the past, MacPherson says, “the passion for change and bonds within the club” will be vital in the club’s ability “to continue to define what success can be” during this time, “even if that [success] is simply virtual outreach and education to ensure safety for those involved.”

Seniors Emma Kittrell and Ellie Wilson, Operation Smile Club publicist and president respectively, emphasized that student involvement is super important for them, even virtually, citing Remind and Instagram as ways for students to stay updated. They look to hold virtual meetings once a month to keep members active. Kittrell and Wilson recognize that online meetings are not as fun as lunchtime meetings with friends and may affect student participation, but Kittrell said they still have “high hopes for involvement” and “finding new members who are devoted to the club,” and Wilson agreed that while lots of participation is hoped for, “a club’s success isn’t based on the number of members.” While fundraising goals cannot really be met, focus will switch more toward staying involved as much as possible and working with the Operation Smile headquarters on any projects or events.

Even though clubs may run differently this year, Wilson says, “It’s so necessary to continue getting more students involved with the clubs!”