The highlights of 2020

Sophia Meagher and Emma Halman

The Page reached out to members of the PA community to determine the most memorable aspects of a truly unforgettable year. 

Top 10 Albums  

1. Folklore by Taylor Swift 

The veteran singer-songwriter released her eighth studio album, Folklore, and has received worldwide acclaim for its uniquely raw sound. 

2. Evermore by Taylor Swift 

Staying true to her title as a renowned lyricist, Swift released Evermore in December and continued sharing the stories that her previous album introduced. 

3. Positions by Ariana Grande 

The sixth studio album from Grande is the perfect combination of pop, hip-hop, and R&B that has left listeners hooked. 

4. Circles by Mac Miller

Released at the beginning of 2020, Circles is the sixth and final studio album from Miller, and an honest tribute to his career as a rapper. 

5. After Hours by The Weeknd 

This is the fourth studio album from The Weeknd and seamlessly blends a new contemporary sound mixed with 80s glory. 

6. The Slow Rush by Tame Impala

The fourth studio album from Tame Impala with singles “Patience” and “Borderline” highlights the group’s return to the music scene that features its famous psychedelic sound. 

7. Whole Lotta Red by Playboi Carti

Only his second studio album, Whole Lotta Red has been in the creation process since November 2018 and contains 24 tracks. 

8. Maniac by Halsey 

Halsey returns with her third studio album with a 2000s pop sound and strong lyrical connections between each song. 

9. Notes On A Conditional Form by The 1975

Notes On A Conditional Form is the fourth studio album from The 1975 that highlights their genre bending style, from soulful folk to organic electronica. 

10. How I’m Feeling by Lauv

The debut studio album from Lauv features a strongly unique sound that explores all aspects of love, life, and sadness. 

Top 10 Movies

    1. Tenet 
    2. One Night In Miami
    3. Enola Holme
    4. Soul
    5. Onward
    6. Promising Young Women
    7. Wonder Woman 1984
    8. The Old Guard
    9. Project Power
    10. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom 

Top 5 TV Shows

    1. The Queen’s Gambit 
    2. Mandalorian 
    3. The Good Place 
    4. Tiger King 
    5. Cobra Kai

Top 5 Notable Events

1. COVID-19

The coronavirus has not only killed over two million people and infected many more, but has also brought the entire world to a grinding halt. Millions more people have been left unemployed and/or in economic crisis due to the pandemic, while others have experienced deteriorated mental health.

2. Black Lives Matter Movement

George Floyd’s death at the hands of the police sparked a nationwide series of protests against police brutality and racism. These protests lasted throughout the summer and involved millions of people from all over the country, even spreading to similar outcries in other countries.

3. The Turnout of the 46th Presidential Election

Joe Biden is elected as president alongside America’s first female and non-white vice president, Kamala Harris. Historic levels of doubt over the validity of the election led to months of investigations that didn’t reveal any evidence that supported those claims of fraud.

4. Australian Wildfires

An estimated three billion animals were killed or displaced by these wildfires, in addition to 18.6 million hectares of land burned and nearly 6,000 houses destroyed.

5. Donald Trump’s Impeachment

Donald Trump was impeached on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, becoming the third president to become impeached.

Remembering the Lives Lost in 2020

1. COVID-19 victims

The loss of 2.13 million people from the Coronavirus was undoubtedly the toughest aspect of the past year.

2. George Floyd

The tragic death of George Floyd is just one of the countless injustices that the black community has faced for centuries. His death was the catalyst for the Black Lives Matter Movement and the fight for racial equality and reform in America.

3. Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Geonna, Payton and Sarah Chester, Alyssa, John and Keri Altoberri, Christina Mauser, and Ara Zobayan.

The deadly helicopter crash last January that took the lives of nine people really shook the world last January. Legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant will be remembered by millions of fans as well as his wife and three remaining daughters.

4. Ruth Bader Ginsberg

The Notorious R.B.G. passed away in September just before the 46th Presidential Election. Serving as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice for 27 years, Ginsberg will continue to be remembered as a leading voice for gender equality, social justice, and civil rights.

5. Chadwick Boseman

After battling colon cancer for four years, Boseman passed away this August from the disease. He has since been even more loved for his amazing performances in Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Captain America: Civil War.

6. Alex Trebek

The beloved Jeopardy! host passed away in November from pancreatic cancer, leaving his loyal viewers with 47 seasons of the show to treasure.

7. John Lewis

U.S. Representative John Lewis who represented Georgia for 33 years passed away in July. He will be remembered as one of America’s most notable civil rights figures who helped lead the first three Selma to Montgomery marches in 1965.

8. Naya Rivera

Rivera, most well known for her role as Santana Lopez on the musical sitcom Glee, passed away in late July from a tragic drowning accident at Lake Piru. She will be remembered for her act of heroism that used the last of her strength to save her four-year-old son.

9. Bill Withers

The critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and musician passed away in July from heart complications. His music has continued to inspire people during these tough times, specifically his song titled “Lean on Me.”

10. Daria Nicolodi

Nicolodi was an Italian actress best known for her roles in Deep Red and Inferno. She passed away in November and is survived by her two children Asia and Anna. 

Top 5 Significant Scientific Advancements

1. COVID vaccine

Not only has the COVID-19 vaccine made history by becoming the most quickly produced vaccine in history, it is also the first-ever approved mRNA vaccine. The idea that a vaccine could be produced much more easily using mRNA than traditional methods of vaccine creation has existed for about 30 years. The launch of a successful mRNA vaccine is revolutionary一already, clinical trials are occurring for the use of mRNA vaccines against diseases such as Zika and Ebola. Additionally, mRNA can be used to target proteins produced by cancer cells, and there has already been some progress with melanoma and mRNA vaccines.

2. Successful SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch

In this historic launch, NASA astronauts will launch from American soil for the first time in nearly a decade. Since NASA’s shuttle program ended in 2011, the U.S. has relied on Russia to get our astronauts to space, a task that is much more expensive than doing it ourselves. Perhaps even more importantly, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket revolutionizes space travel in that it is the world’s first orbital class rocket capable of reflight. Essentially, it enables both commercial and government programs to reuse the most expensive parts of a rocket. Not only does this aid NASA, it also takes us one step closer to space tourism.

3. First use of CRISPR-Cas9 in humans

CRISPR, a powerful gene-editing tool, had several large breakthroughs in 2020. One major breakthrough is the first time CRISPR has been used to edit a gene while the DNA is still inside the human body. With humans, CRISPR is usually used as a disease detector, or it reprograms extracted stem cells. However, earlier this year CRISPR was directly inserted into a patient’s eye in order to treat a genetic condition causing blindness. Another major breakthrough for CRISPR technology was that its creators, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna, were awarded with the 2020 Chemistry Nobel Prize. This also marks the first time women have been awarded a Nobel Prize together.

4. Water found on moon

NASA’s SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) observed and confirmed water in a sunlit region of the moon, not only challenging our previous understanding of the lunar surface but also suggesting that water on the moon isn’t limited to the cold, dark, and polar regions of the moon.

5. Humans arrived in North America much earlier than previously thought

New archeological findings indicate that humans arrived in North America thousands of years before previously thought, challenging the accepted Clovis-first model of humans migrating across a “land-bridge” between Asia and North America roughly 13,000 years ago. Evidence uncovered this year and other recent tears increasingly suggests that humans actually arrived here as long 30,000 years ago.,thousands%20of%20years%20before%20that.

Top 10 Quarantine Trends

1. Zoom 

The face-to-face virtual communication platform that has forever changed the meaning of the word “zoom” was undoubtedly the biggest trend (or burden) of 2020. 

2. Tik Tok Dance Challenges

The video sharing app that has entranced the world with over one billion users is credited with the quarantine trend of learning 15-second-long dances to post online一A new form of entertainment and exercise!

3. Tiger King 

The Netflix original documentary series that uncovered the bizarre world of tiger breeding left viewers hooked for weeks on end, making it the third most memorable quarantine trend. 

4. Among Us 

This online multiplayer game gained popularity in October as another online quarantine trend. Players from around the world must work together on a spaceship to determine who the “impostor” among them is. 

5. Outer Banks 

Another Netflix original series that enthralled viewers in April was the teen adventure drama, Outer Banks. With just ten episodes the series was quickly binge watched and created a dedicated fanbase. 

6. Whipped Coffee

This new coffee craze was popularized on Tik Tok and is easy enough to make from the comfort of your own kitchen, hence its popularity throughout 2020. 

7. Animal Crossing 

The latest release of this widely loved video game, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” was March 20, 2020, perfectly allowing players to enjoy it for hours on end in quarantine. 

8. Tie-Dye

This quarantine stretched the creativity of teens everywhere who have taken to tie-dying shirts, socks, hats, and more. 

9. Drive-In Movies

The perfect solution to the shutdown of movie theaters: socially distanced drive-in movies! 

10. Homemade Bread

Along with whipped coffee, baking homemade bread was another insanely popular quarantine cooking trend.