Harrison Lee wins State Championship; Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis Team excel


Courtesy of Harrison Lee

John Davis, Staff Writer

PA junior Harrison Lee won the Class 5 State Singles Tennis Championship Saturday, that was redemption for coming up short last year. Lee noted his loss in the regional finals last season as being a great motivator this year. Lee said that he “made it one of [his] goals this year, along with my other USTA tournaments, to go further than last year.” 

Lee called it a “crazy match” that lasted “around three hours.” He said, “I was feeling the pressure of approaching the finish line and let my energy drop in the second set, letting my opponent even the match at one set [in the best of three match].” Lee attributed much of his success in this match to the mental aspect, rather than physical. He has been playing in the United States Tennis Association (UTSA) since the age of nine, and Lee believes that “those experiences definitely helped me in my first state singles final this year.”

“I just relaxed and focused on my breathing,” said Lee, while also mentioning a habit of “saying [his] positive mantras in my head.” Throughout, Lee gave credit to his mind rather than body for winning the match. “I’m proud to say that I think my mind won me the match as by the end I was more confident and relaxed even though I was the one facing some cramps.”

Once the victory was sealed, Lee embraced his fans which included his mom and his coaches. He said that this made the victory “even more satisfying,” as his opponent had “over 20 people cheering for him after every point, and I just had my mom and my two coaches.”

On top of an successful singles tournament for Lee, the school teams (both boys and girls) made it quite far as well. Both Princess Anne teams won the region, which was followed up by both teams making it to the state semifinals.

Notable victors from parts of the tournament included junior Harrison Lee, senior Oen Shikimachi, junior Zachary Stoney, senior Luke Lerner, and junior Isaac Kwong for the boys, as well as junior Maia Cirvello, junior Ashton Dillman, junior Nielsen Baxley, freshman Laine Kwong, freshman Sarah Hwang, and senior Mia Fabrizio for the girls. Lee said that he’s “not even sure when the last time one of us won [the region], nonetheless both of us.” 

When asked about his doubles partner Oen Shikimachi, Lee said, “Oen was such a great doubles partner and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I am so grateful for how fun he made the season for me and all the other guys.” He points out Shikimachi’s versatility, noting how “Oen put more attention into golf while amazingly playing tennis at a high level. I am going to miss him a lot next year for sure, as his presence on and off the court really helped the team this year.”

Much of the successful Princess Anne boys’ and girls’ tennis teams will be returning for next season, with many of the players on the teams being rising seniors. Lee called the year “as perfect a season as I could’ve asked for.”