Student opinion on 4×4 schedule: A breakdown of the numbers

Ruby Hoffman and Sophia Meagher

According to a recently conducted The Page survey of PA’s student body, 61 percent of core students claim to prefer the 4×4 schedule over the AB schedule; by contrast, only roughly a quarter of AP and IB students claim they prefer the 4×4 schedule.

Seventy-three percent of IB and AP students say they favor the AB schedule, while 65 percent of said students indicated disapproval of or an inclination to petition against keeping the 4×4 schedule.

Further highlighting the difference in opinion regarding schedules is the 73 percent majority among core students who say they would either like it or would not mind if 4×4 was continued in future years after the pandemic.

Moreover, the survey resulted in a sample of 254 PA students with a margin of error of approximately six percent either way.

The Virginia Beach School Board decided last month the school system will return to the AB schedule next year but will have 4×4 classes as an option for students who believe they would benefit from that schedule.