Class of 2023 holds “Tape a Teacher to the Wall” fundraiser


Psychology teacher Kristina Berney being taped to the wall after being chosen by the student body. Photo by Ekene Osuchukwu.

Ekene Osuchukwu , Staff Writer

The Class of 2023 held a “Tape a Teacher to the Wall” fundraiser to raise money for “a freshman in need to pay for their leadership workshop bill,” wrote freshmen class officer Jacob Tillett.  Over the course of several weeks, the student body voted for which teacher they wanted taped to the wall, and the teacher was chosen by how much money was donated to their name.  The contending teachers included: Ms. Baker, Ms. Berney, history teacher Ms. Davis, Ms. Armstrong, Ms. Edwards, Ms. Frau Curtis, Ms. Hudson, and Ms. Gulak.  Psychology teacher Kristina Berney was the chosen winner and was taped to the wall last Friday, February 14.  “I think it’s safe to say that we made about 100 dollars,” wrote Tillet.