Think Twice: UFO sightings

Think Twice: UFO sightings

Jana Isern, Staff Writer

Have you ever seen a UFO?

I haven’t. I think.

But I do think they’re real. I mean come on there’s no way that we are the only beings in this galaxy. That would be very arrogant to assume and naive because I am so sure that there are beings out there way smarter than us.

Maybe they’re green or maybe they have six eyes and teeth that reach the ground.

Or maybe they’re like us and scattered throughout our population. 

Maybe I am an alien and this is my confession. 

I guess you’ll never know….

Okay. No, but seriously, I was browsing through the news (trying to think of a topic for this column) when I saw the headline: “Pentagon now reports about 400 UFO encounters: ‘We want to know what’s out there.” 

Creepy. Sent a small shiver down my spine. But it caught my attention, so I looked into it further. 

As of Tuesday there have now been 400 reports from military personnel of possible encounters of UFOs, or as they’re called now, UAP: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. This is a major increase from the 144 that had been tracked in a report released by the U.S. intelligence from the years 2004-2021.

The Pentagon testified Tuesday morning for the first time in 50 years and addressed this increase in reports stating that these objects are inconsistent with terrestrial origin. They are examples of objects that remain unresolved. 

A specialized office is in the process of being set up which will speed up the process of unidentified or unrecognized airborne objects in an organized and methodical way.

So there could be aliens, or maybe it’s simply aircraft that hasn’t been registered. Maybe it’s used for contraband. But who knows?

I do think that there is a very high possibility that this is real and that eventually, someday we will in fact have to coexist with extraterrestrial beings, that if we’re lucky will come in peace. (I’m still holding out hope that the day I meet an alien they will wave at me with a three-fingered hand). 

This will sound crazy but I really do think that we live among aliens who look like us. I mean I am almost 80 percent sure I saw someone teleport in front of me. 

I was walking home one day and I saw a guy walking the opposite direction and we passed and he kept going. A normal encounter. But then I walked maybe 500 feet and then I saw that same exact guy sitting under a stop sign on the corner of the street. Maybe I was delusional with lack of sleep but it was an unexplainable occurrence. A UO! It could have been a  twin but he was wearing the exact same clothes with the same hairstyle.

 It was too creepy to be a coincidence. 

The only explanation is that he was an alien and forgot to turn off his alien superpowers. He teleported in front of me and now that his secret is out I will be abducted by a really cool-looking UFO. 

I’m rambling on at this point. To be completely honest, I was struggling to think of a column topic, but hopefully, if anything, you are thinking about UFO’s now. 

Aliens exist and their UFOs seem to be reaching more of our radars every day. 

Oh and watch your back. I may be an alien after all.